Color Changing Landscape Lighting

The Future of Landscape Lighting

The brilliant people at FX Luminaire have officially brought us into the new age of outdoor landscape lighting.  The recent introduction of their Luxor ZDC system now allows for the control ability of not only dimming and zoning but now color changing!

Color changing products have been on the market for a number of years with seasonal holiday lighting.  The old variations were string lights that would dim in and out of two different colors.  More recently the introduction of RGB LED lighting has allowed for strip lighting and node lighting to be programmable to a vast array of colors using the Red, Green, Blue (RGB) color palette.

The Luxor ZDC system allows a landscape or outdoor lighting fixtures to be installed and adjusted by zones, dimming and color changing.  The system can be controlled at the control box or through an optional Wi-Fi system.  The Wi-Fi system allows for easy use through your smart phone (both i-phone and android).  The options are almost endless with this new technology.  Your business or home are sure to impress!

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